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"The Imperial ships are blockading the front of us, they have cut off our ability to retreat. They outnumber us two to one.. They wont get away this time!"

- Aora Nomirc, during the Liberation of Bothawui

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The Naboo Engagement was a turning point in the Galactic War. The Galactic Republic was engaging in several lightening attacks and had taken two primary planets from the Empire in under a month. The Galactic Empire, reeling from the attacks on it's borders, came up with a plan to slow the Republic advance. The Attack on Naboo was two fold. The Initial invasion was carried out by an attack group consisting of four ships. The Galactic Republic responded with half of it's battle fleet, coming to subdue the attackers. The Second phase of the plan was initiated, Two Imperial Star Destroyers jumped into the system above the battle fleet and began the initial assault. It looked as if the battle fleet was to be destroyed, with the Interdictor preventing any escape. The RSD Dauntless, under the command of Aora Nomirc, forced itself in between the Imperial ships and destroyed the Interdictor, allowing the fleet to escape. The destruction of the Interdictor came at a heavy price, Kayven Bondarevy ordered his ship, the ISD Merciless to open fire on the Dauntless and forced it to crash land into Naboo. This ended in the death of over thirty thousand civilian and military personnel.

Did you know…
  • ... Ghost Squadron was created in the aftermath of Bothawui to create a more agile defense force against the Empire?
  • ... Aora Nomirc was an Imperial Captain that served in the Battle of Hoth before defecting to the Republic?
  • ... The RSEC Delta-8 'Kyrodite Flier' starfighters used by the Jedi Order are manufactured by the Royal Sunfighter Engineering Corporation of Arisnar?
  • ... Delta Squad is a highly commissioned task force unit that still exists today to exterminate the Jedi remnant.
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